The every day gossip: Might 24, 2023

Like Jared Leto, Margot Robbie gave her co-star items as a part of the performing course of, although hers have been much less revolting. Ryan Gosling informed Vogue his “Barbie” co-star helped him get into character as Ken by leaving him “a pink current with a pink bow, from Barbie to Ken, every single day whereas we have been filming.” These items “have been all beach-related,” akin to “puka shells, or an indication that claims ‘Pray for surf,'” as Ken’s “job is simply seaside.” So Gosling steered Robbie was “attempting to assist Ken perceive, by these items that she was giving.” That, or she had extra junk left over from a storage sale than anticipated. Different nuggets from the Vogue interview included that Gal Gadot was thought of for the movie and that author and director Greta Gerwig wrote an “summary poem” about Barbie, which “shares some similarities with the Apostles’ Creed.” Your 2024 Greatest Director Oscar winner, women and gents.