The every day gossip: June 28, 2023

They’re including gasoline to the hearth. Fall Out Boy determined a brand new model of “We Did not Begin the Hearth” is a factor the world wanted, so the band has gone forward and created one. In an up to date model of Billy Joel’s alleged basic, the lyrics have been rewritten to incorporate more moderen popular culture from 1989 on. Lastly, a music crammed with each phrase you have been pressured to mute on Twitter. A number of the “highlights” from the brand new lyrics embrace, “Unabomber, Bobbitt, John, bombing Boston Marathon, balloon boy, conflict on terror, QAnon. Trump will get impeached twice, polar bears acquired no ice, Fyre Fest, Black Parade, Michael Phelps, Y2K.” The observe additionally mentions the whole lot from “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” to Columbine and ISIS, and it is certainly the primary music in recorded historical past that references Sandy Hook and the “Metroid” video games in virtually the identical breath. Additionally making the lower on the up to date lyrics: James Cameron’s “Avatar.” How’s that for cultural affect?